PATRICK D. HERRERA, M.A., TESOL/Applied Linguistics

My studies and my research in the acquisition of English as a second language are directed at the learner with low primary language development, and an impoverished home and social environment.  The latter contribute to limited language development, which, in turn, becomes an obstacle to acquiring the academic skills of English.  My goal is to continue to share my experiences and insights with teachers who face these daily challenges.  We cannot solve the problem with legislation, mandates and penalties. It can only be solved by support in the classroom, support for both the teacher and the student.  I continue to be dedicated to this end.

Currently on staff: Chapman University

 Teaching Experience:  40+ years
Teaching levels:  Middle School, High School, Community College, University



UCLA Graduate School

  • General Secondary Teaching Credential
  • Linguistics, Developmental Psychology

 Alliant International University; Graduate School

  • M.A./TESOL; Applied Linguistics in ELD Methodology

 University Appointments:

  • Chapman University, Orange, CA
  • Concordia University: Graduate School / TESOL classes
  • University of California: Extension, Irvine: TESOL / CLAD classes
  • University of California: Extension, San Diego: TESOL / CLAD classes

Lectures / Seminars:

  • School Districts: Chaffee / Montclair / Norco; ESL Faculty - Adult School
  • California State University, Riverside: Extension Division, Symposium
  • Teacher training, CLAD for teachers and administrators at school districts: Compton, Bellflower, Lynwood, San Diego

Research: Over 15 years of classroom research in ELD Methodology, with emphasis on early language acquisition and learners with low primary language literacy.