The following comments were taken from discussions in workshops, post-workshop reflective papers and from assessments required by the university or the school district.

“What an amazing concept…that listening skills must go through phonics, vocabulary development and syntax to achieve reading skills!  Where were you when I was taking BOTH my Tier 1 and Tier 2 administration coursework?”

“This seminar taught me more than I learned in any of my other CLAD classes.”

“If phonics and vocabulary are limitations to literacy in the primary language, I can only imagine what the ramifications to second language acquisition are.”

“I will reduce anxiety level in my class.”

“I will focus on application of visual vocabulary building.”

“This course should be part of the teacher training program.”

“Now I know to teach vocabulary as part of context.”

“Increase student self-assessment through immediate feedback.”

“It becomes critical that all teachers incorporate the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in all instruction.”

“Reading fluency must not be the goal (as so many teachers misunderstand).  It is rather the teacher’s role to know that the student is understanding.”

“Educators must not rely on the textbook as the primary source on instruction, but rather as a tool.”

“EL students present a more dire learning circumstance and should be provided with a more methodical instructional experience.”